About the author

I've been a journalist at the Financial Times since 1998 and have covered the media industry, worked in the Washington bureau and edited the FT's Creative Business media and marketing supplement. My main area of interest is the intersection of consumerism, pop culture and digital living. My writing has also appeared in The New York Times, Prospect magazine and Time Out.

My first novel, Londonstani, was published by 4th Estate in 2006. Apparently it isn't the done thing for the author of a book to explain the book, but that hasn't stopped lots of readers emailing and tweeting with questions about it. I'm sorry I can't answer every request for help with essays, dissertations, etc, but hopefully this website will help.

Londonstani-related articles:

‘‘Mixing and matching: What’s wrong right with Asian boys?’
- Financial Times, April 22nd, 2006